Your Relationship with Money

We each have our own individual relationship with money. 💰 We think about it as good or bad, we have feelings about how we spend or save, and we also have judgments about how other people handle money. 😱

Our relationship with money is a lot more emotional than we realize! And these thoughts and feelings shape our lives and well-being. 🤔

Let’s explore four common money mindsets (or money “scripts”) that reveal the emotional undercurrents in our financial lives. 🔎 These four money scripts come from renowned financial psychologist Brad Klontz:

1. Money Avoidance 🙅: If you find yourself echoing the belief that “money is the root of all evil,” you might be a money avoider. This mindset links wealth to negative traits, leading to guilt about money and feelings of undeservingness. 😞 Breaking free from this requires addressing money anxieties and recognizing all the ways that financial success can align with good values.

2. Money Worship 💸: Money worshipers believe that more money is always the answer to their problems. This belief can lead to excessive spending and risky financial decisions. 🌋 This feeling goes hand in hand with a scarcity mentality, because “there’s never enough money.” Money certainly can make life more comfortable up to a point. But to overcome money worship, you must recognize that there is such a thing as enough money, and many other things are equally important to a good life.

3. Money Status 🛍️: Do you tie your self-worth to your financial status? The money status mindset often stems from a competitive nature. It also leads to overspending, unhappiness, and financial secrecy. 👀 Overcoming this script involves realizing that self-worth extends far beyond possessions and fostering financial habits that prioritize genuine happiness. 😄

4. Money Vigilance: The money vigilant among us prioritize caution with their money, and show very responsible behavior. 🧮 However, excessive vigilance can lead to anxiety and a fear of enjoying hard-earned money. Finding balance is crucial, ensuring financial security without sacrificing the joy of living.

Understanding these emotional money scripts will help you identify which ones you tend towards- and it can be more than one for each of us! Recognizing where you are empowers you to build a healthier relationship with money. 👷 And if you feel better about money, you do better with money. 🤗