The Power of “Should”

Let’s talk about the power of words. Sometimes, the words we use have an outsized impact. The way we talk about our goals can make them feel achievable…or like an uphill battle. One sneaky word that tends to throw a wrench in our financial plans? “Should.” Yep, that little guy can make a big old’ mess of things. But fear not, my because we’re about to flip the script and show you how changing just one word can help you accomplish your goals.

Picture this: You’ve set a goal to beef up your savings this month. In the past, you might’ve found yourself muttering, “I should save more this month.” But here’s the thing – the moment that “should” slips into the conversation, it feels less like a choice and more like a chore, right? And what happens next? You might rebel a bit, maybe treat yourself to a little shopping spree or a fancy dinner. Nobody likes being told what to do, and it feels good to defy rules.

But what if we swapped out “should” for “I choose” or “I want”? How does it feel when you say, “I want to save more this month”? Suddenly, it’s like a lightbulb goes off – you’re not being forced into anything; you’re making a conscious decision. You’re owning your choices and taking control of your financial destiny. Pretty empowering, right?

This simple shift in language can be a game-changer. t’s not about depriving yourself or sticking to some rigid set of rules; it’s about lining up your choices with your goals and values. Instead of pushing back against what you “should” do, you’re stepping up and making decisions that actually matter to you.

So, next time you’re thinking of a money goal, remember the power of words. Swap out “should” for “want,” and tap into the motivation that led you to set that goal in the first place. It’s a tiny tweak that has a big impact. Embrace the power of language, and make your journey to financial wellness a heck of a lot more fun!