Empower Your Employees by Helping Them Feel Better about Money

Revolutionary Texting Program for Empowering Your Employees' Financial Future

When Your Employees Feel Better about Money, They Do Better with Money
and Your Company Reaps the Rewards

Don't leave change to chance

When your employees struggle with money, your company suffers the costs.

Unlike traditional financial wellness programs, our revolutionary MoniConfident program is backed by science and behavioral psychology and focuses on financial wellbeing because how we feel affects what we do.

In just a few minutes, you’ll see why Moniwell is the leading provider for employers who care about the financial wellbeing of their employees. Why Moniwell? Because when your employees feel better about money, they take control over their finances and perform more effectively at work.

Take a free test drive today to experience the latest in technology, science and behavioral psychology in affecting positive behavioral change in money habits through:

  • Addressing the root cause of money issues
  • Non-invasive and easily accessible delivery mechanism of texting
  • Private, safe and secure – no sharing or selling of personal data
  • Emotive, engaging and conversational tone that feels personal and supportive
  • Leading them to relevant resources and psychology based practices
  • Gentle digital nudging at critical stages of change
  • Manageable actionable steps that build confidence, resilience and motivation
  • Positive rewards that build up over time for lasting results

Take a Test Drive Today!

*We require a mobile phone number to deliver our SMS program. You can opt-out anytime. Your privacy is our top priority and we never share your information.

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