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March 2023

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You are being asked to be a volunteer in a research study.
Please read this form carefully. If you have any questions, ask the study staff.

Introduction and Purpose
Moniwell delivers structured program that introduces new perspectives on financial concepts and encourages small changes in your money behaviors. To improve the quality of lifestyle interventions provided and inform research questions regarding money behaviors, MoniWell will collect in program user data over a period of 10 years. You will receive a notice indicating when a new study begins and ends. By using the program, you consent to and authorize MoniWell to use your information for research purposes. This information is always de-identified (coded) and does not include protected health information. You might be enlisted in one of the research studies listed below according to your programw

  1. Financial Self-Efficacy
  2. Transtheoretical Model – Stages of Change
  3. Financial Cognitive Behavioral Techniques
What is a research study?
A research study is when scientists try to answer a question about something that we don’t know enough about. Participating may not help you or others. People volunteer to be in a research study. The decision about whether or not to take part is totally up to you. You can also agree to take part now and later change your mind. Whatever you decide is okay. There will be no penalty or loss of benefits to you. It will not affect your ability to use MoniWell’s programs. Any new information that develops during this research study which might make you change your mind about participating will be given to you promptly.
Study description
You will answer a serious of questions regarding money behaviors and current state of financial well-being. You will watch a series of videos, be offered activities and reinforcement materials, and then answer follow up questions.
There are no foreseeable risks involved with using the MoniWell programs. You may feel some discomfort as you adapt to your new lifestyle with changes in money behaviors.
You may or may not experience feelings of well-being or improvements in your financial situation. Additionally, you might contribute to our knowledge of financial well-being and self-efficacy, which could potentially help others with mental health issues in the future.
You will not be compensated for participation in MoniWell’s research studies. There is no cost to you for taking part in this study.
Financial Disclosure
The study doctor and principal investigator, has a proprietary interest in this research study (for example, patent, trademark, copyright, or licensing agreement). Contact if you have additional questions.
The information that we collect from you for this research project will be kept confidential. Only authorized personnel will have access to your identifying information. A participant ID will be issued to you and used within our research database. A code will be used instead of your name. All of your study data will be kept in a secure location. The Department of Health and Human Services and Chesapeake IRB may have access to the study data.
You may decide not to take part in this research study without any penalty. The choice is totally up to you. If you decide not to participate, please fill out this form.

Ending Participation in a Research Study

You may stop taking part in this research study at any time without any penalty. This will not affect your ability to continue using the MoniWell program.

If you decide to stop being in the research study, please submit your request here.

Your part in the research may stop at any time for any reason, such as, the sponsor or the investigator decides to stop the study.

If you have any questions about your participation in the study, suggestions or concerns, please contact
Getting answers to your questions or concerns about the study
You can ask questions about this consent form or the study (before you decide to start the study, at any time during the study, or after completion of the study).
Questions may include:
– Payment or compensation for being in the study, if any;
– Your responsibilities as a study subject;
– Eligibility to participate in the research;
– The investigator’s or study site’s decision to exclude you from participation;
– Other questions, concerns, or complaints.
By using your UPID (unique program identification) or opting in, it means that you have read the information given in this consent form, you would like to be a volunteer in one of our studies, and you authorize MoniWell to use your information for research purposes.

Research Policy
We are committed to validating our approach to lifelong behavior change using science. We never sell any of your information without your prior written authorization and publish only aggregated data.

By using our services, you are consenting to any or all of MoniWell’s current studies listed below:

  1. Moniwell’s Longitudinal Trial (For users signing upon on or after March 20, 2021 will be automatically enrolled unless otherwise opted out)

You have the right to opt-out of research. If you would not like your information used in our studies, please fill out this

If you have program inquiries or need to cancel your subscription, please submit your request here