One Plan. Everything You Need.

Empower Your Employees’ Financial Future… One Text at a Time
For Employers, Executive Leaders and HR Managers
Finally, a revolutionary program to direct employees to that addresses the root cause of money issues and empowers them to make better decisions so you can both get back to the work you were hired to do.
Easy to Try
Take a free test drive and experience the program for one week. We make it easy. No sales call, contract or credit card required.
Easy to Buy

Only $12 per employee annually after an annual $2500 base fee.
No confusing features list or pressure to choose options. We offer one plan with clear pricing no matter the size of your company.

Easy to Launch

Engage. Assess. Empower.

We provide everything you need to be successful in empowering your employees’ financial future. All we need to get started is your company logo and a preferable launch date so we can provide you with:

  • An easy to Implement Employee Communication Campaign that shows you care about your employees and encourages them to take the Financial Wellbeing Assessment and enroll in our MoniConfident texting program
  • 2 company-branded flyers with QR code so employees can get started without additional time or effort on your part
  • Digital images to include in emails, presentations and newsletters to encourage employees to take advantage of this new employee benefit
  • Assessment data to help guide company decisions

Also included in our MoniConfident program:

  • Links to Current Employee Benefit Programs to improve awareness and engagement
  • Auto-enroll option (we highly recommend this option to ensure optimal results)
  • Periodic snapshots of user engagement and link clicks to highlight effectiveness
  • “Give it Away” option for Employees’ Friends & Family Members

Ready to empower your employees and reap the benefits? Get started by requesting a proposal.

In case you were wondering…

Nope. We don’t sell, solicit or advertise to you or your employees. All information is secure, private and never shared.

Getting honest feedback from employees is nearly impossible when those questions come from company leaders or HR managers. We created an anonymous assessment that encourages honest responses to key questions about money and company benefits that support company leaders in making sure their employees feel cared for and valued.

We ask the questions employers won’t. Addressing the common concerns employees have when responding to surveys from their companies, we don’t collect or share personal employee information with their employers. Only the responses to the questions are shared with their employer. This ensures employees feel safe and secure in answering honestly without fear of retribution or negative consequences. The result? Employees feel like their company really cares about how they feel and what they need.

We make it easy to get this revolutionary program in front of the decision makers in your company. Download our Free PDF guide that outlines the benefits of MONIWELL and how easy it is to try, buy and launch and present it to the decision makers in your company.

When you click “Get Started,” you’ll be directed to a form to collect contact information and details about your company like the number of employees and preferred launch date. Once the form is submitted, you’ll receive an email regarding next steps to launch our MONIWELL program.
Change takes time which is why we designed an annual program that focuses on small internal shifts that lead to more empowering decisions over time. We share periodic snapshots so you know the number of employees who are currently participating in the program, how many have opted out, and engagement metrics.
The most time-intensive part of our program is getting a company set up to succeed. We charge this annual fee to cover our costs to ensure you have what you need that’s customized to meet your company’s objectives.
If you are not satisfied for any reason, our first request would be to talk through what’s not working. If we are unable to meet your needs or assuage your concerns within the first 90 days, we’ll refund the $12 per month per employee fee. We do not, however, issue a refund for the base set-up fee.
Simple. Quick. Easy. After we gather initial information, we’ll provide everything you need to launch MONIWELL successfully so you can get back to the work you were hired to do.
Auto-enrollment takes the pressure off of Employers, Executive Leaders, and HR departments in getting employees to use employee benefit programs. We’ve found that auto-enrolling employees leads to better results for employers in engagement and outcomes. By making it easy to opt-out at any point, employees are always in control.

Still not sure if MONIWELL is right for your company?

What they say


Looking for a competitive edge as a retirement plan advisor?

Win More Business and Add More Value

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into an RFP armed with new and unique value that focuses on the side of financial wellbeing that is completely missing in a long laundry list of financial wellness products?

Most vendors offer some sort of Financial Wellness program but we all know the dirty little secret. Employees aren’t engaging. And that’s costing employers in productivity, profit and retaining top talent.

Stand Out and Above Your Competitors

But what if there was a simple way to address the elephant in the room that required very little effort on your part and finally helped people feel better about money so they did better with money and employers and advisors reaped the rewards?

Win more business and add more value by offering a revolutionary program that is unique in content, delivery and method and is sure to set you apart and above the competition.

Gain a Competitive Edge by Adding More Value

Our revolutionary texting program is easy for an Advisor and an Employer to launch. Our program actually excites HR directors and managers because by offering Moniconfident, we’re taking something BIG off the HR plate that makes directors and managers look like a superstar to the employees and shows the employer really cares about the overall wellbeing of their employees.

If you want to stand out, add more value and win more business by offering this revolutionary program, take a test drive and see how it works.

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A Financial Wellbeing Program that Builds Customer Loyalty and Shows Them You Truly Care
White-Labeled Financial Wellbeing Program that Supports Your Current Financial Literacy Products

We all know the dirty little secret…
Offering Financial Literacy programs to
your customers is no longer optional.
But we all know customers simply aren’t engaging.

Isn’t it time we addressed the elephant in the room?

Money is emotional. How we feel about money affects what we do with our money.

What if there was a simple way to…

Address what causes money issues and financial stress that required very little effort on your part that finally helped your customers feel better about money so they did better with money?

And resulted in your institution reaping these rewards:

  • Engaged customers in utilizing current financial literacy products
  • Showed your customers you truly care about their financial future
  • Added more value that increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
Stand Out By Showing Your Customers How Much You Care

Our revolutionary texting program is easy for Institutions to white-label a program that directs customers to your offerings and addresses the root cause of money issues.

Our program is easy for Institutions to white-label and launch. Our program directs customers to your Institution’s offerings and shows your customers that you really care about their financial future and their overall wellbeing.

Easy to Try
Easy to Buy

Easy to Launch

We make it easy to launch MoniConfident in-house via a QR code that makes it simple for customers to sign up. No login or password hassles that become barriers to customer participation.

Stand out, add more value to your customers, increase customer satisfaction & drive new business by offering a program that helps your customers feel better about money so they do better with money.



Feel Better, Do Better… One Text at a Time

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way the financial industry addresses financial stress and money challenges.

If you’re the kind of person who believes…

  • It’s better to build together than to build on your own
  • Everyone deserves to feel better about money
  • How we feel affects what we do
  • Being MoniConfident is sexy and exciting
  • More information alone isn’t going to solve money issues
We’d love your help!

At Moniwell, we believe everyone deserves to feel better about money.
We recently launched MoniConfident, a revolutionary texting program to help people feel better about money so they do better with money.

Why MoniConfident Works

By incorporating the latest in technology, science and behavioral psychology, our program meets people where they are and gently nudges them to take small actions over time that build confidence and resilience. Our program is delivered via text over a 12 month period because it’s the most accessible and user friendly device – no login or password hassles! This is NOT your traditional financial wellness program!

Seeking Change Makers and Revolutionaries

We’re looking for people (and we love millennials) who enjoy testing new programs, providing user feedback and want to feel involved in the creative process. If this sounds like you, we invite you to try MoniConfident, tell us what you love and what needs to change to help us start a revolution in the financial industry! By supporting this program, you are not only providing valuable input to improve our program – you are also a key player in our social purpose movement to help people feel better, so they do better.

For a limited time, we’re offering our MoniConfident program at our base cost in exchange for feedback. Click the button below to help us revolutionize the way the financial industry addresses money issues!