A Simple Solution: Prioritizing Money Emotions

The solution is surprisingly simple and impactful: prioritize money emotions to directly influence an employers’ bottom line. By taking this approach, you can create healthier, happier, and more engaged employees. This results in increased productivity, enhanced retention rates, and a healthier, happier workplace. In other words, it’s your “show me you care” employee benefit.

Feel Better, Do Better: How Emotional Engagement Can Drive Financial Outcomes

Engaging employees emotionally in the workplace isn’t just about improving their mood or reducing their stress levels. It’s also a proven method to drive better financial outcomes for a business. How? Let’s dive deep into the concept of driving financial outcomes starting with the emotions, not the solutions.

Companies often prioritize solutions over understanding the emotional state of their workforce. They focus on things like savings plans, financial literacy & coaching, and wellness offerings. However, not everyone is able, willing, or ready to engage with these solutions. Instead, a more effective approach is to start with the emotions and build confidence and reduce stress & anxiety.

Building Emotional Connection: The Power of Psychology First Messaging

One effective way to build this emotional connection is through psychology first, auto-enrolled text messaging. These “just-in-time” messages cover topics like financial anxiety, overspending, money relationships, and money confidence. They are designed to engage employees emotionally, leading to intrinsic motivation and emotional well-being.

The data speaks for itself: 90% of auto-enrolled employees are still receiving texts after 12 months, and 68% are engaging with key benefits & resources. This approach is not about bombarding employees with information, but about providing them with the support they need when they need it. This helps to reduce stress & anxiety and build confidence, contributing to a feel-better, do-better environment.

What Employees Are Saying

Employees who have experienced this approach have found it extremely valuable. They report that it has positively impacted how they think & feel about money and that they would recommend it to someone else. This speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the psychology first messaging approach.

Directly Impact Your Bottom Line: Tap into the Emotions of Money

By tapping into the emotions of money, you can directly impact a company’s bottom line. This approach, which aligns emotional well-being with financial benefits, leads to positive emotional & financial outcomes. It’s time for businesses to recognize the power of emotional engagement and start taking a psychology-first approach. So, let’s feel better to do better!