Money Mindsets

Money is a personal and emotionally charged part of our lives. Each of us see and use money in unique ways- have you ever thought “that person is crazy to buy that!”? 👀 When you think that, it’s because you can’t see the hidden influences behind that person’s decision.


What might seem crazy to someone else is completely normal to us- because it’s a result of our unique values, upbringing, and life experiences. ❄️


Some people see money as a means to an end. They tend to be diligent savers and careful budgeters, thinking mainly about the long term (and maybe missing out on some fun along the way). 🧮 Others view money as a source of joy, finding spending it on experiences, hobbies, and friends or family. 🥳 Some use their money as a source of pleasure- by buying things they love, or things that ‘signal’ success to other people. 🛍️

 It can be tempting to judge these as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but the sweet spot is finding balance. ⚖️ Financial wellness is about spending within your budget on the things you need and love, while also saving for the future. 😌


Now that you understand the differences in how people think of money, you can start to learn from those around you. 🧑‍🎓 If you’re a spontaneous spender, you can start learning to save for the future. 💰 If you’re a disciplined saver, you can learn to enjoy life more in the present. 😄 Try engaging in open and non-judgmental conversations about money with friends and family. By learning from one another, we can share our positive habits… and maybe leave some bad ones along the wayside. 🛣️