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For Employers who care about the Financial Wellbeing of their Employees

When Your Employees Feel Better about Money, They Do Better with Money
and Your Company Reaps the Rewards

Don't leave change to chance

When your employees struggle with money, your company suffers the costs.

Traditional financial wellness programs fail to address the root cause of financial stress and companies are feeling the effects.

Decreased Productivity

High levels of financial stress decreases motivation, efficiency and quality of work. When employees struggle with money, your business suffers the costs.

Substandard Performance

Distraction, worry, anxiety and shame related to financial stress prevents employees from operating at peak performance.

Reduced Revenue & PROFIT

Financially stressed employees are more likely to adopt unhealthy behaviors which results in higher health premiums, more work missed, and increased strain on HR departments.

Losing Top Talent

Hiring, training and getting new employees up to speed takes time, money and resources away from company priorities and impedes progress in reaching longer term objectives and goals.

Our revolutionary texting program is backed by science and behavioral psychology and focuses on financial wellbeing because how employees feel about money affects what they do with their money.

Empowered employees are
happier, healthier, and more loyal
to their employers

Empowered employees are
happier, healthier,
and more loyal
to their employers

Going Beyond Financial Literacy

More than information, equip your employees with a revolutionary program that addresses the root cause of money issues and gently nudges them to make empowered financial decisions.

Confident, Self-Assured, Focused and Dedicated to the Company

Lower Rates of Absenteeism Reduced Health Care Costs, Increased Efficiency across Departments

Optimized Performance, Increased Creative Output, Higher Levels of Productivity

Lower Turnover Rates, Happier, Healthier and More Loyal Employees

Confident, Self-Assured, Focused and Dedicated to the Company

Lower Rates of Absenteeism Reduced Health Care Costs, Increased Efficiency across Departments

Optimized Performance, Increased Creative Output, Higher Levels of Productivity

Lower Turnover Rates, Happier, Healthier and More Loyal Employees

Empowered Employees

When your employees feel better about money, your company reaps the rewards


The path to financial wellness is NOT linear; the solution shouldn’t be either.

Our MoniConfident program is personal, engaging and easy to consume and focuses on the root cause of financial stress – the thoughts, beliefs and patterns running behind the scenes – that drive behaviors and decisions.


It’s not enough to know what to do; employees must believe in their power to take control over their finances by making internal shifts in their thoughts, feelings and beliefs that support their financial wellbeing.


Our holistic approach incorporates technology, science and behavioral psychology to influence more empowering financial behaviors. Providing positive interactions and user friendly tools and resources helps employees feel safe and supported so they stay engaged longer.


Designed to build confidence, resilience and motivation using the most accessible device and form of communication. Using consistent ‘digital nudging’ increases the likelihood of changing behaviors and ultimately leads to making better choices.


Empathetic, empowering and emotive. When employees feel better about money, they make better decisions. Using conversational tone, language and emojis helps employees release money shame, guilt and sense of powerlessness over money.


Short and supportive messaging prevents information overload and cognitive dissonance. Positive and consistent interactions motivate employees to take small action steps over time that build upon each other for sustainable results.

Internal Shifts. Small Steps. Sustainable Results.

When employees feel better about money, they do better with money – at home and at work.

Personal, engaging and easy to consume, employees are gently nudged to make small changes over time that build confidence so they take control over their finances and feel empowered in their future.


Why Choose Our Texting Program over APPs and other Traditional Financial Wellness Programs
  • Auto-enroll option eliminates the biggest obstacle for Employers
  • Customizable based on company objectives and benefit plan offerings
  • Privacy and protection of employee and company data
  • No selling, promotional ads or vendors (and no, we don’t sell private wealth management services)
  • Personal tone and emotive messaging makes it easy to engage, consume and take action
  • Delivered through the most accessible device – no login or password hassles
  • Small, manageable steps removes feelings of overwhelm
  • Incorporates a blend of psychology, science and technology to affect behavioral change (we track behaviors, not employees, so they feel safe and secure engaging)
  • Messaging that removes the stigma and shame of money issues and fosters confidence, a sense of wellbeing and better financial decisions
  • Highlights appropriate employee benefits and plans at key stages on their financial journey
  • Robust resources and action steps to make positive changes with ease
  • Guides them to next steps based on actions taken removes feelings of overwhelm
  • Employee Financial Wellbeing assessment provides important data for HR and Employers to understand what’s working and what’s not
  • Gain insight and real-life information necessary to make decisions based on employees needs and behaviors
  • Opportunities for employees to share our MoniConfident program with family members
  • Free access to the MoniConfident online course for additional support and resources

Meet Our Founder,
Jennifer Rayner

Principal Owner of The Retirement Consulting Group and Accredited Investment Fiduciary specializing in the design, implementation and communication of corporate retirement plans


Are you the person employees go to when they’re stressed about money?

I know how you feel.

Working in the financial industry for the past 25 years, I can’t tell you the number of times employees shared deeply personal stories with me about their financial situations. They weren’t interested or motivated by financial literacy. Because literacy (what to do) doesn’t address the root cause of money issues (why we do what we do). What employees wanted was to feel better about money and the choices they were making.

Whether you work as an advisor, in HR or lead a company, you’ve likely experienced similar kinds of conversations.

Look, it takes guts for employees to share their feelings about money and we want to help. But we weren’t hired to help employees feel better about money.

And yet, we can no longer afford to ignore the financial wellbeing of employees. Because when employees struggle with money, companies suffer the costs.

I set out to solve this BIG problem by doing what no one else is doing in the financial industry. I founded Moniwell to support Employers, HR Managers and Advisors in empowering their employees’ financial future… one text at a time.

Using what’s already working successfully to affect positive behavioral change in the health, addiction and diet industries, this revolutionary texting program empowers employees to feel better about money. Because when they feel better about money, they do better with money, and your company reaps the rewards.

And the best part? You, as an employer, HR manager or an advisor finally have a program to direct employees to that addresses the root cause of money issues and empowers them to make better decisions so they stay engaged and productive at work.

Ready to empower your employees’ financial future so they feel better about money and do better at work?

What People are Saying

When companies invest in the financial wellbeing of their employees, it doesn’t just benefit their employees. Companies reap the rewards in higher levels of employee productivity, loyalty and job satisfaction


Easy to Try
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Completely hassle free! We provide everything you need to launch the program so you can get back to the job you were hired to do.

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One Plan with Everything You Need to Empower Your Employees’ Financial Future

If you offer a qualified retirement plan, the cost of this program may be covered as a plan expense. Review your company plan documentation to determine if this is an option. If you’re not sure, let’s talk.

Also included in program:

Advisor & Institutional Programs are billed annually at a rate to be determined at time of proposal and will consist of base fee plus an additional per user fee. Interested?  Let’s talk.

Individual program offered for $24.99. Interested?
Empower Your Employees Financial Future by Reimagining Financial Wellness

In This Free Guide, You’ll Learn:

  • Why traditional financial wellness programs are failing
  • Recent findings regarding the costs of financial stress on performance, productivity and profit
  • Why addressing your employees’ money mental health benefits your business
  • How to launch a successful financial wellbeing program