Regain Control Over Emotional Spending

Ever find yourself spending a little extra when emotions are running high? You’re not alone; many people indulge in emotional spending! 😱💸 Even though it is nothing to be embarrassed about, it IS something to solve, because you deserve a healthy money life (not unnecessary debt).

Emotional spending happens when our feelings guide our purchasing decisions- often leading us to spending money on things we don’t want or need. 🛍️ It could be a celebratory purchase after a bonus or an attempt to lift your spirits during difficult moments. The emotions behind your spending may range from positive- like excitement and joy – to negative- like stress and sadness.

Why it Matters:

While emotional spending can make you feel good for an hour or two, the negative impacts (like increasing debt) can last for years. Being aware of this connection is the first step toward adopting a more balanced and responsible approach to managing your finances. ⚖️

Our Strategies for Thoughtful Spending:

Hide Your Credit Card Info

Strengthen your financial discipline- without any willpower- by removing credit card information from your phone and computer. This adds a layer of effort, so you have time to consider what you’re buying and can rethink impulsive purchases. 😵💳

Call a Friend, Not the Store

Instead of turning to retail therapy, consider connecting with a friend when emotions are running high. Fun or meaningful conversations can provide the emotional lift you seek without the price tag. 🏷️

Get Help if You Need

If managing emotional spending becomes challenging, it’s perfectly acceptable to seek advice from a therapist or coach. They possess valuable insights and strategies to help navigate these situations effectively.

While it’s entirely normal to indulge in occasional treats, becoming mindful of your spending habits ensures long-term financial well-being. Using these strategies will help you build a secure financial future. 🚀

Want more? We created an activity to help you reign in emotional spending! Click here to get started.