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are you an advisor?

be the hero.

a simple, scalable solution to increase in-plan opportunities & win more business. 

get ready to be the hero.

custom client texted money journeys

supportive resources, directing clients to tailored solutions provided by their trusted advisors. These journeys offer insights, tools, and educational content to help clients navigate their financial decisions with confidence.

family connections that resonate

fostering a supportive environment where household members can discuss financial goals and challenges. through shared insights and resources, families build stronger financial foundations and cultivate a sense of unity in managing their wealth.

connect with next generation

engaging texted experiences that go beyond education. by connecting them to their family and community, we cultivate a sense of belonging and empowerment, preparing the next generation for financial success and meaningful connections in their lives.

how much does it cost?

advisor partner network.

a growing network of advisors get pricing that shows how much we care.

co-hosted LIVE Events schedule now!

plan sponsors want to see something different 

employers are craving solutions that solve for their most pressing issues; you we let you be the hero.

we do the “explaining” for you

no need to reach out to all of your plan sponsors one by one. simply invite them to your co-branded LIVE event 

not your old fashioned webinar 

our events highlight you as the trusted advisor.  they are fun, engaging,  informative and only take 30 minutes of their time.

no training needed

live events.

we make it easy to bring a unique value proposition to your plan sponsor clients and prospects

your disruptive differentiator

employers are excited about a solution that addresses employee engagement challenges with a different approach.

increase in-plan opportunites

create customized in-plan opportunities by aligning money emotions with your financial solutions.

integrations to seamlessly offer your solutions 

our process is simple and scalable. we provide the tools needed to get started with a plan sponsor client or prospect.

includes wealth management verision

integrate the moniConfident program practice wide to reach not only plan participants but private wealth management clients as well.