Everyone deserves to feel better about money.  Because when we feel better, we do better

Our Mission

Our mission is to create positive and sustainable behavioral change in the personal finance industry through innovative programs that address the emotional impact of money and evolve to meet the financial challenges so many people face in their day to day lives.

Unlike traditional financial wellness programs that focus solely on the “what” to do, we focus on the “why” – the thoughts, feelings and beliefs around money that affect and influence money decisions. By addressing the root cause of financial stress and money struggles we can empower people to change behaviors and make more empowered choices.

Moniwell uses the latest in behavioral psychology, science and technology to help people feel better about money so they take control over their financial future… one text at a time. Our revolutionary MoniConfident texting program meets people where they are, delivers digestible nuggets and gently nudges them to take small steps over time that build confidence and resilience and influence more empowered financial decisions.

Because when people feel better about money, they do better with money, and companies reap the rewards in higher engagement, higher productivity levels and higher levels of employee satisfaction.

Social Purpose

We are committed to financially empowering the next generation to feel better and do better. Giving is part of our DNA. We believe the more we give, the greater the impact we can make.

We know it takes a village of support to make financial changes, and having those closest to us on board makes a big difference in sustaining positive money habits. That’s why when an employer purchases our MoniConfident program, their employees can “give it away” to a friend or family member at no cost to the employer or employees.

We offer our MoniConfident program for free to non-profit organizations that provide services and resources for the underserved or underrepresented communities. We believe MoniConfident provides the missing link for people in communities where there is little hope or modeling of money confidence.

Our MoniConfident program addresses the biggest barrier when it comes to creating a brighter financial future for those who lack confidence or hope for a better, more secure financial future. Having a tool that addresses the self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that block progress before it can start, and by promoting financial self-efficacy & resilience in small, manageable steps, we prepare and equip the next generation in becoming MoniConfident so they break the cycle and lead more meaningful and prosperous lives.

To help us reach more youth and prepare them for a brighter financial future, employers who purchase our Moniwell program have an opportunity to sponsor our MoniConfident program. When employers take advantage of this social purpose mission, they empower the next generation in gaining confidence and resilience and feeling empowered to overcome difficult life challenges that prepare them to enter the workforce and take control over their financial futures.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Jennifer Rayner, the Founder of Moniwell.

If you’re the person employees go to when they struggle with money, I feel your pain and frustration.

Working as a financial advisor in retirement plan consulting for over 25 years, I can’t tell you how many times employees shared deeply personal stories with me about their financial situation.

They didn’t want to talk about bonds, benefits or financial literacy. They wanted to talk about how they felt about money and how those feelings affected their sense of wellbeing, their relationships, their work, and their day to day experiences.

I wasn’t hired to be their therapist or coach, but I really wanted to help because it took a lot of courage for these employees to share their fears, worries and thoughts about their money struggles. If our feelings about money really determine our choices, behaviors and our financial future, why wasn’t there a program that addresses our feelings about money?

Whether you work in HR, as a financial or retirement plan advisor, or lead a company, you already know employees aren’t interested or motivated by financial literacy. Because literacy (what you know) doesn’t address the root cause of money issues (how you feel).

Through in-depth research in behavioral psychology and training in “financial therapy,” and through experience working alongside employers and employees, we discovered a seemingly obvious solution and a more direct way to address money issues that didn’t require HR managers, advisors or employers to get trained in money mental health.

By integrating technology, science and behavioral psychology, I created a revolutionary texting program that meets employees where they are and addresses the root cause of money issues.

Using a non-invasive mechanism of delivering short, conversational messages and action-oriented resources, employees feel safe, supported and encouraged in making internal shifts and taking small, manageable steps that build more confidence, resilience and motivation in their money habits. And the best part? You, as an employer, HR manager or advisor have a place to direct employees that actually supports them in feeling better at money. So you can both get back to the work you were hired to do.

When employees feel better about money, they do better with money and their employers reap the rewards.

If you’re the person employees go to when they struggle with money or face financial difficulties, we should talk.

When Your Employees Feel Better about Money, They Do Better with Money
And Your Company Reaps the Rewards