our mission

transforming lives.

committed to building confidence, fostering connections, and empowering individuals on their money journey. we challenge societal stigmas and expectations surrounding money.

our mission is to positively impact an individual’s overall wellbeing by providing support for the emotional impact of financial challenges. 

using innovative approaches to these challenges, we aim to foster positive, sustainable change in money behaviors.

feel better, do better

a social purpose

it's in our DNA.

a brighter future

create a brighter future for those who lack hope for a more secure financial future.

emotions matter

address self-limiting thoughts & beliefs that block progress before it starts

confidence is key

promote financial self-efficacy. prepare & equip people to be money confident

executive team

Jennifer Rayner

Lauren Loehning, CFP

Don Perkins

clinical advisory board

Kristy Archuleta, PhD
Meg Lurtz, PhD

Rachel Steidl

technology partner

Jithendra Ganji

moniwell’s moniConfident – feel better, do better program is an employee benefit for employers looking to align money emotions with their financial benefits.