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creating a brighter financial future for those who lack confidence or hope for a better, more secure financial future

provide a tool that addresses the self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that block progress before it can start

promoting financial self-efficacy & resilience, we prepare and equip individuals in becoming moniconfident 

cultivate money confidence and connection in a person’s life, while challenging social stigmas and expectations around money

transform how the financial industry currently addresses everyday people’s money challenges

providing an opportunity to tackle money mental health crisis head on, by supporting emotional impact of money that is fueled by the “right here, right now” financial challenges

create positive, sustainable behavioral change in money behaviors

Jennifer Rayner

Founder & CEO

experienced, connected, financial advisor outsider:

passionate advocate and truth teller. undeterred & hyper-focused on extremely vital steps to ensure success of the business.

Lauren Loehning, CFP

Co-Founder & CRO 

retirement plan industry insider:

focused on utilizing 25 years of connections & business development experience to gain traction in the B2B market. 

Don Perkins

Technology Capital Partners

VC advisor:

focused on navigating the pre-seed phase. experienced in M&A, venture capital & C-suite roles.

Meg Lurtz, PhD
Writer | Researcher | Educator

financial planning & psychology expert:

continued development of science-backed content & delivery methodologies underpinning programs. expertise in competing start up offerings.

Kristy Archuleta, PhD
Professor | Researcher | Speaker | Author | Financial Therapy Pioneer

financial planning & therapy expert/pioneer:

advocate advancing, confidence first, methodology. continued development of science-backed content & delivery methodologies underpinning programs.

Jithendra Ganji

Techonology Lead | 
CEO & Founder, TechGrit

product & engineering:

he brings his thought leadership, entrepreneur background & mentoring background to the team.

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mental health meets financial health solution

the moniconfident – feel better, do better program is an employee benefit for employers looking to align money emotions with their financial benefits.