enhance financial well-being with a mental health approach

two solutions, one platform

communicate. connect. empower.

integrate mental health strategies into financial wellness programs for a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

show them you care

be the hero.

transform your company’s support for employees’ overall wellbeing. 

say goodbye to underutilized financial solutions and hello to engaged, financially confident employees. 

gain access to valuable qualitative data, setting your company apart in the financial solutions you offer

confident, engaged employees

3 simple steps.

implement an innovative financial psychology-first engagement strategy.

cultivate a workplace culture focused on holistic employee wellness and sustainable financial success.

transform lives

one text at a time.

the moniconfident – feel better, do better program is an employee benefit for employers looking to reach all of their employees.

align financial solutions and other benefits with the emotional needs. 

experience the immediate impact of employees feeling supported in their overall wellbeing.

our social purpose

more than finanical education.

money empowerment is about more than just education.

it involves addressing the stigma & emotional complexities associated with money. 

a social purpose is in our DNA.  we provide a platform that supports existing literacy programs, enhancing their impact by fostering confidence & emotional connections.

dedicated to empowering teens & young adults. cultivating positive relationships with finances.  creating a community where individuals can feel good about their financial journey. 

our enterprise program partners become sponsors of this impactful initiative automatically.