start with the emotions, not the solutions to drive financial outcomes

we align money emotions with financial benefits

employees now feel like you care about them

it’s your “show me you care” tool.  when employees feel emotionally connected to their workplace, they are more likely to stay with your company, enhancing retention rates.

healthier, happier employees

stronger emotional connections lead to healthier happier employees, effecting absenteeism and overall health costs.

focused on the job they were hired to do

emotional connections can have a direct influence on an employee’s productivity and engagement.  employees are not only more motivated but also more focused on the job they were hired to do.

when you feel better, you do better

we build money confidence, reduce stress and anxiety first.  what follows is emotional engagement and intrinsic motivation to do better with money.

we build emotional connection with psychology first, auto enrolled text messages

research proves that emotions are in charge of the actions people will need to take to get to positive financial outcomes.  

when it comes to changing financial behaviors, just-in-time messages are one of the keys to our success.

employees receive consistent, supportive messages, helping them build confidence, reducing stress and anxiety around money…

and now they are feeling better.

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aligning money emotions with financial benefits

the moniconfident – feel better, do better program is an employee benefit for employers looking to align money emotions with their financial benefits.

the program is currently only offered through trusted advisor and consultant relationships.

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once in the program, employees now feel like you care about them…   

Moniwell – Show Me You Care

from financial self efficacy to transtheoretical model of change, our program is backed by science…

Moniwell – Harnessing the Power of Science 

we know that not every empoloyee is willing, able or even ready to take advantage of the financial benefit you offer – now there’s a solution for that… 

Moniwell – a Financial Benefit for All

we don’t collect financial data & employees’ emotions are safe with us… 

Moniwell – It’s Secure + Anonymous

we use science to drive financial outcomes, not marketing which is far from an exact science… 

Moniwell – It’s Not Just Marketing

only a few hours of your time and you will be ready to launch a new benefit that aligns emotional well-being with financial well-being…

Moniwell – Steps to Launch

employees and employers alike are expressing to us how needed this solution is and we couldn’t agree more…

Moniwell – What they are saying

we track the impact that the program is having on your employees and the progress we are making engaging them in your solutions.  here’s a sample of that reporting…

Moniwell Impact Report 3-month sample

read about a company that needed a financial benefit that was inline with their company culture needs… 

Moniwell – A Case Study

if your the person that loves to ready a good scientific paper, we’ve got you covered…  

moniconfident A White Paper

we offer an Enterprise program

interested in our enterprise program?

our social purpose

Bring confidence & connection to the world of money. Money empowerment is our goal, because everyone deserves to feel good about money.


Enterprise programs with more than 100,000 users automatically become a sponsor of our “We Feel Money” initiative, where we provide program access to underserved communities and organziaitons.